Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where have you been?

So, it has been a couple months since I’ve written a blog post. Between long days with treatment to returning to work full time I haven’t had much energy for anything; which is just a little bit sad because the process of writing down my thoughts is actually quite therapeutic.
For a while I actually lost sight of life’s worth; the meaningfulness of my life ambition and the future had been jaded and I no longer cared for their significance. Being away from work, removing myself from my regular environment was, in fact, a wise move. It reminded me of what I wanted to become, what I have to offer, and grounded me to the process of working through my own heartbreaks and issues.
Now I am back to work doing what I did before, in terms of job description, but I find myself looking at life completely different. In a healthy way I am making sure I am taking care of me first. I am learning to reach out to others to actually be part of the world everyone else is part of. I can no longer accept the secluded life I have been living for so long.  
Next week I return to school. I am excited because it was one of the things that has been on hold since March. Learning is such a beautiful process for me. I learn from the day to day but I am excited to start going through the intellectual process again