Saturday, February 8, 2014


The art of forgiving is not coming easily for me. As I sit here and write I am finding that I am so angry it has turned to sadness. The anger has finally surfaced, much like when a wound comes to a head; in order to heal the wound must be opened up so the poison can come out. In the same way my anger is out there for me to feel and see and I don't like it. Not that many people actually like anger. 

But I don't think healing and forgiving are the same thing. I think it's possible to heal without having forgiven the trespass. When a wound heals there is often a scar and emotional wounds go through the same process. Whether forgiveness happens the scar will be there regardless. 

More important than forgiving the 'other' it is important to forgive myself. That's when I will be able to make peace with the reminders of the hurt so, when the scar comes into view, it doesn't hurt to look at . 

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