Friday, December 13, 2013

How time flys

I have hit an important milestone this week; I have both finished my Bachelor's degree and been accepted into grad school. One chapter is ending so another may begin and, because of this, I'm contemplating the journey that was my undergrad.

When I told my supervisor about my acceptance to Argosy University we talked about the journey and I said I feel like I've finally, finally, come full circle and that I'm where I'm supposed to be.

5 years ago I was studying at Arizona State University and was doing the research for grad programs. But I lost sight of my goals and, even though the move across the country could have been a right choice, the decision to not pursue the completion of my bachelor's degree was the wrong one.

I do not begrudge this.

4 years ago I was offered a position at a prominent eating disorder facility in Arizona and I planned the trek back. This time I made the ultimate decision to stay put and, although this was the right choice, I became part of the nearly unemployed workforce in Maryland; I could not find a regular job.

5 years is such a long time and I wonder where the time has gone. I cannot say the time flew by because I felt every change, every heart ache, every loss; there is too much weight in the intervening years to feel like the summer of 2008 was just yesterday.

Looking at my journey and knowing I have finally come full circle and am where I'm supposed to be, I wonder if I feel this way because I met a long ago goal, or if the interveining years were a campaign of some sort to bring me back into myself. Maybe it was the act of 'stepping' into my own skin that finally allowed me to realize I am where I belong.

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