Sunday, December 8, 2013

the most important gift I've given and have received

This is so hard! Trying to qualitate something I've done/given from another person's point of view? I think that's why the most important gift we can give anyone is the gift of our time. Not only the chronological aspect of being at an event but actually being present in the moment with them. I would hope that I've been able to do this for others

It's so hard to center oneself and focus on the 'here and now' so, when a person is able to do that with me, I feel like time has stopped for just a moment.

It's the time I was given to find the ground after I had lost it, having friends take a moment to help me find my way.

It's the time I was able to give to my step-father before he died.

It's the times people have put their neck on the line because they believed in me.

It's the small moments of victory that, no matter how insignificant they may seem, create lasting memories.

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