Saturday, December 21, 2013

I am officially a college graduate

As of today I can add credentials after my name. In two months I am entering grad school. Both of these are just milestones on the path to my dream job.

I don't know that everyone has a single dream job; that would make an individuals life static and people change, their dreams change. But, this being said, I do have a current dream job.

My dream is to spend time traveling overseas and having time to spend at each location, so I can absorb the culture and see things from the locals point of view.

Realistically this cannot be done with some form of financing and I have my own. I want to be a psychologist for the Department of Defense and travel to the different bases overseas. This job is not a means to an end for me, a way to get to the places I want to visit, but the fact that I will be able to see different areas of the world does make the job even more enviable.

I want to work with the family centers on the military bases and work with the family of the service member. Military life is hard, not just on the service member but, on the family who is innately part of the life as well.

I want to be part of the process of building healthier families for our service members.

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