Monday, January 20, 2014

Give me a boost…

…and not the supplemental kind of boost. But, a boost of energy; it was hard for me to get started on this topic because I'm rather lethargic as of late. I love coffee but it only seems like it works when I don't want it to. I'm a little haphazard in my eating habits which ends up in those lovely supplements listed above…those definitely don't give you energy.

I think what energizes me most at this point in my life is my niece. I love to see how she tirelessly runs and plays and talks. The excitement of going on the potty and watching her try to pinch the stickers to take them off the pages. Her pure enjoyment and wonder gives joy to others, including me.

In the work realm I find it in the moments of satisfaction, when I know I did something well, or when I find out one of my clients is doing well.

I think it's important to find ways to 'recharge' one's own batteries; many people I know are givers and they give of themselves until they are exhausted (I guess I'm speaking to myself right now too). It's ok to take breaks from the people in your life that drain your energy, it's ok to say no. And it's important to surround yourself with those that raise you up and bring you satisfaction.

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