Saturday, January 18, 2014

If I had a genie

I'd make three wishes. Rather, I'd make that many because that's all you get.

I think my wishes are heart breaking to me and, yet, hopeful. I do not want money or wealth because I do not need it to be happy. I make enough to be comfortable and I'm ok if that's all I ever do.

My first is to bring my father back from the dead.

This would not be enough to fix whatever was wrong before he committed suicide so I would wish for help to be there for that too. In these two wishes my dad would have back his life and the possibility of true healing for his wounds.

Not even this would gaurantee that he'd be part of my life, so my final wish would be for us to have a relationship. I want to have those father/daughter arguments, have him ground me, and have the ability to get angry at him. I want him to be here to kiss away tears, be there for milestones, like the birth of his (future) grandchildren.

But, they say, genie's wishes cannot cross the wall of death, so my wishes would remain stowed away in the bottle because what I want is already dead.

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