Friday, January 3, 2014

Holiday encouragement/holiday smiles

Probably my favorite memory of this year will be my niece opening gifts for me. :) She's at that age where the ripping off of paper is exciting and pulling things out of boxes still hold magic. It truly is not about what's in the box yet, she's too young for that, it's about the surprise of what's inside.

My encouragement may not seem all that positive, depending on how you view it.

The first is that 'this too, shall pass.' Just like any other day in the year, this one will move into a memory. So, just hold on. It'll be over before you know it.

Sometimes it helps to observe your family. Each of the members. The squabbles they get into with each other. Thinking about their 'behind the scenes' reel they may not try to show to others. Do this without getting involved in the arguments. In this little act an understanding is gained about the members of your family, even as you are building a little more autonomy for yourself. Their issues are about them, not you, and that's ok. You don't have to take on their struggles along with your own.

The last is that your family isn't the only one that may seem bat-shit crazy. I think the secret is that there are far more 'out there' families than 'normal' ones. And that our lives are more interesting for our crazy homes. It's something we can be grateful for, really.

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