Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Something worth celebrating

I'm sharing a blurb in a book about goals. I'm sharing this because I had written down some goals in November of 2011.


And I'm celebrating because I'm on target to completing some of them. Here's the excerpt from the book:

A goal is a dream set to paper. Don't ust think it-ink it! According to Dave Kohl, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech., people who regularly write down their goals earn nine times as much over their lifetimes as the people who don't, and yet 80% of Americans say they don't have goals. Sixteen percent do have goals, but they don't write them down. Less than four percent write down their goals, and fewer than one percent actually review them on an ongoing basis. Guess which one percent?

What are your dreams??? Write them down and make them your goals

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