Saturday, February 7, 2015

Starting over.

This blog started as a weekly challenge with some beautiful people I knew a few years ago. I thought, in order to get going again I would go through and do the weekly challenge. It's also an awesome way to get outside of oneself. Here's the challenge, in case you want to join me!

Week 1: What is Beauty?

Week 2: Favorite Childhood Memory

Week 3: Inspirations and Influences

Week 4: Aspirations

Week 5: Sunshine

Week 6: Where I Am At This Moment 

Week 7: Words That Give Me Meaning Take 1
Take 2  Take 3  Take 4  Take 5  Take 6  Take 7  Take 8 Take 9    

Week 8: Fears

Week 9: Where Are You Now?

Week 10: Accomplishments

Week 11: Recovery

Week 12: Meaningful People

Week 13:  Forgiveness

Week 14: Gratitude

Week 15: Higher Power

Week 16: Giving

Week 17: Goals

Week 18: Affirmations 

Week 18: Best Recovery Advice

Week 19: Favorite Time of Year 

Week 20: Characters that Remind Me of Me

Week 21: Something I want to hear

Week 22: Harboring Emotions

Week 23: Best Recovery Advice/Affirmations

Week 24: Overcoming Challenges

Week 25: Something I'm Proud Of

Week 26: Something Positive About Me

Week 27: Superpowers!

Week 28: Where Would I Be... 

Week 29: Made Ya Laugh!

Week 30: Three Words that Describe Me

Week 31: Things that Make Me Smile 

Week 32: Inspirational Person

Week 33: Most Prized Possession

Week 34: Calming Down

Week 35: Turning Point 

Week 36: Most Meaningful Gift I've Given

Week 37: Most Meaningful Gift I've Been Given

Week 38: Where Has Time Gone?

Week 39: Favorite Time of Day

Week 40: Favorite TV Show

Week 41: Dream Job

Week 42: Overcoming Stressful Times

Week 43: Holiday Encouragement

Week 44: Holiday Smiles

Week 45: Three Wishes

Week 46: Energy Boost

Week 47: Motivation

Week 48: Something Worth Celebrating!

Week 49: Traditions

Week 50: A Special Place

Week 51: Life Lessons

Week 52: Dream Vacation

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