Friday, November 8, 2013

I made a funny

The process of learning to laugh at myself had made what happened yesterday really funny.

I am completing my degree THIS semester (whoop!) and part of the process is doing an internship. It was quite serendipitous for me to get a placement at a crisis organization because of my focus in crisis counseling and I work in the case management department. 

This past  week I have been filling in on the unit due to some staffing issues and yesterday I met a client for the first time. She needed to find out her payee status for social security so it could be changed. I gave her the number so she could call.

Except I have minor dyslexia and turned one of the 7s into a 2. I gave my client a number to a 800 sex line...whoops.

Good thing I've learned to laugh at myself, right?!? LOL

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