Saturday, November 30, 2013

When I need calming-

I love smells and textures; not necessarily together, lol.

Whether it's stickers, markers, candles...I have a tendency to stock up on them. Friends laugh at me because I get soooo excited when I find something new. A few weeks ago I found pencils with gourmet scents, I was so happy.

At Target-fucking target-I found these candles that also change colors. (I went in for prescriptions and walked out with a plethora of other stuff, no scripts) It can be hypnotizing looking at them.

They have been great. I think it's the ability to take in a smell that isn't part of the environment brings me back to myself. The sense of smell is has a strong connection to my own sense of self. For just a few minutes the smell of a cinnamon marker, apple pencil, or pine candle have the ability to dissolve the situation around me and re-instill my own calmness.

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