Friday, November 8, 2013

Seeing myself through other's eyes

It is SO hard to say something positive about myself. This is not something unique to me, it's fairly common for people to not see themselves accurately. That is why, sometimes, we have to trust what other people see. I'm going to do this now because, if I try to reflect what these people have said through my eyes they get minimized. Hopefully, by using their words and not mine, I will be able to believe these things from a first person's point of view

I was asked what three words would describe me recently and the words that instantly come to mind are joyful, charismatic, and creative.

Joyful-adj; showing or expressing joy, as looks, actions, or speech. Always a smile. Something I've always hated because of one thing or another, others are drawn to. I'm known as peachy, smiles, Sarah smiles, and more at work. I'm able to put aside whatever is going on in my own life as I serve with others. Joy is a permeates the space around me and people notice. There's just something about my smile. joy.

magnetism-noun; strong attractive power or charm. I'm a person that impacts others without realizing it. Years later I've been told that I'm someones favorite person, that I'm the first person remembered upon an individuals arrival in a new place, that what I've said has changed anothers life/point of view. This is a strength. My therapist puts it this way; people want to know me, or are attracted to my personality. charisma.

creative-adj; having the quality or power to create. Always an artist. I don't just do something, I mold it into an extension of me. When I'm given a bag of items, a task at hand, I can see the pieces coming together like magic. create.

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    You're the best of the best, my love :)