Thursday, November 28, 2013


It's interesting to think about one's most prized possession. I spent a long time trying to contemplate something 'tangible' but the undercurrent of my own self-worth kept playing loudly; today I realized how tangible this can actually be.

This is not something that can be easily broken like a physical object, but it can be shattered by circumstances. For so long I believed my worth was tied to a clothing size, what my family thought of me, what I the years passed and I never reached that elusive perfect number, constantly beared the weight of being a disappointment, and never 'finished' something I started, I thought my worth was non-existent.

What is true sings clearly, like a harmony in a perfect pitch; I have self-worth. When I realized I am worthy with or without my family's approval, even if I never accomplish something the world considers valuable, a weight was lifted.

My own prized possession cannot be lost like that pair of jeans that fit perfectly, or the job that fits who I am like a glove and, because of this, it has set me free.

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