Monday, June 4, 2012


Crazy. A loaded word. I hate it and hate hearing others use it in reference to another person; and yet I find it slipping out of my mouth before my brain even processes that I'm using it. Full of stigma.

I am trying to eliminate the word from my vocabulary. Even though the word can have a positive connotation in reference to a love of sports/persons/etc it is, more often than not, used as a synonym for mentally deranged; demented; totally unsound. A derogatory term for anyone suffering with an mental illness.

But, how often have I used this in reference to myself? To apologize when I feel I have failed to meet a need, to needing time of work, for needing extra help? In thinking about this word I am realizing I often use this word without the forethought in how it ingrains my self-worth further within myself. As I grow healthier, my foundation stronger, this word will have no structure within my life. Instead bright, hopeful, beautiful and many other positive ones will be used to describe me.

Nobody should be called crazy.

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