Sunday, June 10, 2012

Invisible, emotional, illogical

Yesterday I thought about the word logical and the thoughts that flowed were incoherent and had little to do with logic. A week ago we talked about being invisible but I was not seen and, thus, was not heard. And all these words flow from my brain as I contemplate the emotional mess I'm in. Therefore I find it quite appropriate to write about all three at once...

For me, right now, I do feel that all three of these words are intertwined. Much like the braids of a rope; each individual strand makes the whole stronger for how tightly they are bound together. Not necessarily what I would choose for climbing but, it's what I've got to work with, and I can still get up my mountain with just a tad bit more caution. 

I think all three of these can be both positive and negative really. Sometimes it's good to fade into the background, if only to truly hear (not just listen) to what is going around you. And emotions; they let us know when we are upset, angry, happy, envious, and so many more. It's only in the application they become hazardous. No person is logical all the time and I would question anyone claiming to be so. 

I found this poem and found it very profound when reflected onto my own life and thought I would share it with you as a way of ending this rather peculiar post

The Invisible Person
By: James Laughlin

Life kept rolling her over   
like a piece of driftwood
in the surf of an angry sea   
she was intelligent and 
beautiful and well-off 
she made friends easily 

yet she wasn’t able to 
put the pieces together 
into any recognizable shape  

she wasn’t sure who   
she wanted to be  
so she ended up being 
no one in particular 

she made herself almost invisible 
she was the person you loved so much 
who really wasn’t there at all.

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