Sunday, November 4, 2012

November fourth (this will end up being a multi-day long-as-fuck post, sorry)

This might not make sense for several days fyi ( I know it's going to take more than one 15min session) and it will be long by the time I'm done, I'm sure.

Well, I slept in yesterday and did not have time to do the lamp before I got to my sister's house. I don't know if the lamp is working but, I guess, I need to give it more time.

Today I'm going to talk about dreams I've had over the weekend.

Yesterday I dreamt about binging on coffee roll donuts. It was a really weird dream because my step-dad was there and I was living with him and my mother again...kind of. I have a recurring dream regarding apartments and in the dream I had my own place. It reminded me of my efficiency now because of the size but it must've had a bedroom because you couldn't see it or the bathroom door from the front door.

Today I dreamed I upset my mom because I told her I could explain the policy regarding visitors on the pediatric unit. My mom was working with me I guess, or she was a person that very much so reminded me of my mom. I started explaining the why's only three visitors could go back at a time and trying to tell the visitor the rest of the individuals could not go back. I was already allowing four visitors into the room because one of them was a young child. But the person wasn't respecting/understanding the rule and I kept having to reiterate it in different ways. In the midst of this my mom started speaking over me and trying to tell the lady the policy and I told her 'I have this, I'm in the midst of explaining it, please don't talk over me'. She got soooo mad she took her box of cereal (?) and left to go to another floor. The lady looked at me like I was wrong and I tried to say this was a common thing for her to do. When I went over to the table she had left the bowl of honey grahams she had poured on the counter. I looked at it and thought of what a ditz she was.

It was definitely a work centered dream so it was almost a relief of sorts, lol. It probably had a spin off of Sandy because there was a dejavue feel between the 'days' in the dream. The other part of the dream included my coworker that works the night shift. She is a nice person but I spend most days frustrated with her because she doesn't do her job. She was having issues regarding other people at work/in the community (I'm not sure) and she ended up trying to report it to work each day. One of the days she was saying something to the supervisor that particular shift and she hung up upset. The essence of this conversation...

I have this thing going on with my forehead. It's not a breakout per say but I'm hoping it's not a rash. I'm on a medication known to cause rashes that are serious. I'm thinking this is not that but I'm not telling my doctor either. Even the inkling of a rash means she'll take me off the med cold turkey. I've done this before with a sister med and it wasn't pretty. Also, I'm scared the reaction will be bad because the medication mitght also be working.

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