Thursday, November 1, 2012

November First

I've decided to chronicle my mornings in front of my SAD lamp for you all, we'll see if it starts to work. Each morning for 15 minutes, I'm supposed to sit in front of the lamp. My doctor wants to see if it helps with my depression, my exhaustion, my inability to wake up, etc. So, each morning for 15 minutes I will chronicle what's going on.

Yesterday I woke up an hour late...All my alarms went off, I just didn't get up to them. I have been worried that this would eventually happen because I had not been getting up even though I have at least three alarms set. Thankfully it was the morning after craziness at work and it was one of those 'you obviously need the rest'. And I was only 11 minutes late. This doesn't seem like a lot but you have to take into account I got up at 735 and got into my car at 743. Which means I got to work in under 30 minutes. I booooooooked it.

This morning I did wake up, not to my alarm clock...rather, I heard it and woke up in a sense, but my subconscious said a loud FU and I got up at 640. I've changed the settings on my alarms to make them more annoying and we'll see if this helps tomorrow. Because I am sitting in front of the lamp for 15 minutes and I had to shower, I will have about 7 minutes to get dressed and pack food.

My eating disorder loves this. I have enough time to throw the bag of carrots in my bag...maybe make a sandwich if it lets me, and pick out the yogurt I have left in the fridge. At the same time, I need to try this before I see my doctor and I'm hoping I will eventually get up earlier. Hopefully I'm also at a healthier place so I will take the time to eat. We shall see. Until then score for the weight loss.

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