Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November sixth

I was not about waking up today. My alarms went off. I even woke up before my alarm that I had set up earlier so I could get some cleaning done. Then I ignored my alarm for two hours.

Anyway, here are some quotes I found from my class I actually like:

"Beginnings are exciting! They are the starting points of a brand new life. Each new step has challenges and opportunities of its own. But that first step really takes a lot of faith." (Hindson, 17)

"The power of our faith rests in the object of our faith. At the foundation of all love is a belief in the object that is loved. If I do not believe in a person, I cannot love him." (Hindson, 18)

" People also are continually changing. Living organisms are not static; they do not stay the same. Change comes when we willingly grow and improve." (Hindson, 19)

It involves several key elements:

1. Honest view of the past- Sometimes the "good old days" weren't as good as we like to remember. We need a realistic understanding of the past to move on to something better in the future. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a rut of nostalgia where we mythologize the past and refuse to deal with the present.

2. Dissatisfaction with the present. We won't change as long as we are satisfied with the way things are. There is something wholesome in a dissatisfaction with the status quo. Good leaders always ask how they can improve and make things better. Unless we begin asking the tough questions now, we may wait too long to take action.

3. Hope for the future. Great leaders are always optimistic about the future. They embrace it and make the most of it. They realize that change is a necessary part of personal improvement.

I don't have a full fifteen minutes today. this is it.

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